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Fishing, a Passion, a Sport...
for some non-angler fishing is just murder...

Fishing in the river
The Green River Resort, as it´s name shows, is located at the river of "Tha Nang Sang"; a tide-river with brackish water (it is salty). It´s not realy what you call a river, but it is a connecting channel between to mouth-rivers. Accordingly to the tide it flows in different directions and even can stand still like a lake. Because of it´s connection to the ocean (one direction is 2,5 km and the othet 9,5 km until the river mouth) it is inhabitted by a large spectrum of species: brasses, catfishes, mulets, crabs, shrimps, muscles and many more....
Just sit relaxed with your tackle at the restaurant´s terasse and enjoy a cool drink and wait for a bite... For a small fee the catch will be cooked  in the restaurant´s kitchen after your prefered cooking and served you as fresh as it can be.  

With a small dingi you can explore the river on your own, do some fishing or just for fun..
Tackle for all sort of fishing you can rent or buy in our own tackle-shop at the river; there yo will get the right bite and aquipment as well as the professional advice.
We offer individual guided fishing trips on the river in a small motorboat  and show you some native fishing methods at special spots.


We organize fishing-tours for you to angel at different coastlines wher you can try your luck fishing off the beach, some cliffs, some peers and bridges at river-mouths.
Off we go to coastal fishing without a boat by airconditioned Jeep or an adventureous


Marlin, swordfish, barracuda and co. awaiting us!

The high peak of an angler´s life is the exhausting powerful drill over a unusual long time (1 hour can be easy reached) until you will be able to board your giant fish and proudly will can a trophy-photo of a 20 to 60 kg fish (but there are bigger ones out there...).
Usual we will spend about 24 hours on sea: in the evening and nighttime we catch some squid as life-bite for the big fish; they eat the best in dawn and early mornig but of course all day long, too.
By the way is good fishing at night time possible; according to moon and tide there is big fish on the hunt.
For safty reasons a highsea-trip is depeding on the weather-conditions and not planable like a sightseeing trip. The costs of a trip vary by  the amount of people going out on the trip. In erverage you have to calculate with about  2.000 to 3.000 THB per person.

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