Green River Resort

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Every life is unique
we are all a part of nature
our beauty shines inside us
you might find wisdom and enlightenment in the green river..

New opening in November 2016

Welcome to the Green River Resort & Restaurant!

We want to make you feel comfortable and well; with pleasure we will fulfil you special wishes: no matter if you want to have some extraordinary food, play golf or talk to a buddist monk, we will care it.

Already we offer various atractive activities:
how would you like a seminar for learning Thai-cooking? A Thai-Massage? To vistit a coffee-plantage or a temple in a stalactite-cavern? To find inner peace whilst a meditation-seminar......

Feel desire of a paddle-cruise in the river? Discover the area by bycicle and make a trip to the beach for a swim in the sea (ca. 1,5 km)? FISHING is our favorite: we will take you out for fishingtrips along the river or for highsea-(big-game) fishing on the ocean  (would you like to catch a 30 kg swordfish or do you prefer a marlin?)

Private amosphere on save terrain, with culinarical joys for unforgetable pleasureful memories..... Welcome to enjoy!!

We recommend for your trip to Thailand: Turkish Airlines or ETIHAD
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