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Resort & Philosophy

Our philosophie is very simple:
We want to make you fell well and happy!

Profound of philosophy:

  • Life is Movement (physical as mental)

Therefore we offer activities for the body and the soul.
Movement is also breathing whilst meditation....
Turning inside your mind in enjoying delicious meals...

  • Each Beeing is unique

We respect plants as equal beeings as animals and we are all together the big wonder of nature and creation. AS humans we eat everything, that means, we kill plants and animals or steal their seeds (milk, eggs, fruit, nuts, etc.) to feed us.
We can show you native plants that realy move and other that can change your senses of tast in a fascinating way. Our garden at the green river is home of various tropical plants that excist far off your phantasie....

  • Live every day like it would be your last day...

Ther´s not much time in our western culture to realy enjoy life. As modern slaves of money we are forced to earn money to survive in this jungle of daliy expenses. Here in Thailand it is not different, but even different. Paradox? No, but a little different. Thais can be happy with a small amount of material values and otherwise, "rich people" can be quite unhappy, if they don´t uses their wealth for a relaxed and easy stressless lifestyle, but only run and worry about to keep and increase their wealth.
On my last day of my life I want to be happy, make  mpeople around me happy and have fun with them, but not run for some money that I will not need then anymore... Therefor we want to make you feel happy, to forget about stress, troubles and all your small daily problems and you should be only that one : the happy person.
And somehow it´s a little bit selfish: because if you are happy we love to do our job with double fun and not only for the the money that we like to earn for our work, too, but it could be our last day and we need to live that together with happy people around us...

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